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  • What we do

    We brew traditional English beers from top quality ingredients, hand made in our custom-built brewery.

    Take a look at this short film and see how we do it.

    It was produced for us by 13 Media Arts - you can find out more about them on their website: www.13ma.co.uk

    We are thrilled that our 1833 India Pale Ale 6.6% was awarded GOLD
    in the Artisan Local Drinks Category in the Carlsberg Northants Food & Drink Awards 2013/14. Why not come down and try it for yourself at one of our BREWERY OPEN DAYS - every Saturday between 9am and 5pm.
    Carlsberg Northants Food & Drink Awards 2013/14 GOLD winner in the Artisan Local Drinks Category

    We are committed to consistency, making sure your favourite Hart beer is as good as it can be, every time not just some of the time.
    For this reason we keep our range small and our pursuit of perfection high.

    This commitment continues in our support of home-grown ingredients, we only use UK Assured malted grains and only ever use British hops.
    Assured UK Malt  British Hops
    Take a look at our PURE BEERS

  • Find Our Beer

    Fancy a PURE BEER?
    You can find a list of some of our PURE BEER stockists here.

    Our brewery is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC every Saturday from 9am - 5pm so you can also pop down, say hello and buy some beer direct from us!

  • Where we do it

    The 1833 Brewery is housed in a phenomenal Georgian building which is a monument to Britain’s industrial past. Built in 1833, when William IV was on the throne and beer was the drink of choice, it was part of the development that brought municipal street lights to the town of Wellingborough.

    After a while of being used for everything from a garage to a storage shed it has been lovingly converted to house our brewery and looks like it was built for the purpose.

  • What's going on

    Keep up to date with Hart Family Brewers news

    We are on Facebook and you can join the conversation on Twitter - come and say hello!

  • What we don't do

    We don’t use cheap cereal additives, enzymes, artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives. We don’t brew bland, tasteless beer.

    We don't compromise our principles for a cheap buck - quality first and quality last.

    PURE BEER tastes better.

  • Green shoots

    When we started our business we were determined to make delicious PURE BEERS but try wherever possible to limit our impact on the environment.

    So we use a lightweight bottle, 20% lighter than standard, which uses less energy to make, transport and recycle.

    All our casks beers are delivered in “Green Casks” which like our lightweight bottles are far more energy efficient during their lifetime as well as looking jolly smart.

  • Family album

    We love to take and share pictures of the things around us, and the people that help us do what we love.
    You can see our development at Hart Family Brewers in our family album

  • Get in touch

    If you would like us to contact you please fill out your details and press the submit button. You can also call us on 01933 228324 or come and visit us here.